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At 5 o’Clock, 67 years from today, the Warsaw Rising 1944 broke out. It was the single largest civilian struggle against the Nazi Germany in occupied Europe.

Among the most striking aspects of the event there are the young soldiers (mostly teenagers) and their great organizational skills. For 63 days kids, many aged roughly 10-20, took over the capital of Poland. They had to defend the town against the Nazis, but also provide food and water to the civilians, and organize hospitals and fire fighting squads. Likewise, the entire war propaganda and various channels of communication were in their hands.

Warsaw Uprising

Naturally, we call them soldiers and they receive all the distinctions of soldiers from the Polish government, but it's good to remember how young they were. Girls and boys of the Warsaw Rising 1944.

I decided to write a short series, starting today, that will highlight those of their achievements that weren’t directly linked to combat. This blog is meant to demonstrate the importance of open society, freedom of speech and information (including internet platforms such as WordPress, YouTube or Twitter) to democracy and individual freedoms.

Many, many people all over the world still may want to learn from the insurgents to establish free channels providing information and support to people in their regions.

I also hope to help empower all those people who feel powerless in the face of oppression. The example of so young people being able to do so much may bring hope and strength to many others. I know it helped Poles, in many ways, to struggle through the era of Communism.

Look out for the next post on Thursday.