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I have a pleasure to show you the Fallen Art. It is one of many offerings from Platige Image, written, directed and produced by Tomek Bagiński.

From the company’s press kit:

On an old, forgotten military base in the Pacific, soldiers who have lost their minds due to the hardships of war have been gathered to complete one final mission.

There, far away from civilization, Sergeant Al cultivates his love for the brave soldiers, Dr. Friedrich cultivates his talent for photography, and the mentally lost General A creates his art.
But, General A does not use paper nor canvas, he attempts something completely different.

Characters according to the Fallen Art website:

Britney the FrogCompany’s mascot

The frog accidentally got into the Atoll base with the transport of frozen goods. She stayed there as she had nothing better to do. No storms, fresh ocean breeze, a piece of grass.

What more could an amphibian want from life?

The base is the frog’s heaven.

Private 0A-7691Private

The army’s mass-produced cannon fodder. 0A series. Good parameters. Normalized height, weight and character. Never negates the orders, doesn’t surprise with individuality, self-sustaining instinct reduced to minimum. A born volunteer. Easily exchangeable, entirely or in parts.

Doctor Johann FriedriechA company’s doctor

Born too late for World War II, too early for the present conflicts. He regrets that very much. Always unhappy.

His main occupation is the analysis of pain.

Advanced rheumatism, from which he suffers since childhood, makes the pain unbearable, even during sleep. And so he learns how to feel pleasure out of pain – no matter if his or someone else’s. Besides that, photography is his hobby.

Sergeant AlRecruits’ keeper

A coarse sense of humour and narcissism he has taken after his uncle. An impressive body after his mother.

He loves his subordinates. Very much. They, due to the lack of alternatives, love him. The love blossoms in the barracks, especially in the evenings.

However, Al loves the army he serves much more. When the army calls, he is able to send the troops to their death without hesitation. He cries out of emotion after the fact.

Well, nobody’s heart is made of stone.

General AGeneral

The chief of the unit by assignation, the artist by choice.

The soldiers call him “master”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fallen Art: