My name is Sylwia. I come from Warsaw, Poland.

Flying University is a blog about the need for a free platform for communication, exchange of ideas and information. I will discuss the revolutionary experience of Poland as well as the role of internet tools, such as WordPress, YouTube, Twitter and others in sustaining democracy and freedom worldwide.

The first Flying University was established in 1882, in Russia occupied Poland. It was a virtual school that provided the only platform for students to study what they wanted outside of tsarist control. It was especially attractive to women who weren’t permitted to enroll in official universities, and they made ca 70% of graduates. The university was called flying, because to avoid being found it had to change places faster than the tsarist police could trace it.

  • The Flying University is: a model of education, a liberated way of pursuing knowledge, free from the constraints of any official body.
  • The Flying University isn’t: a campus.
  • The Flying University teaches: free and critical thinking, subjects banned from official courses, fresh ideas.
  • Educational stuff: regular teachers, including university professors, willing to give extra lectures in their free time to promote development of free thinking.
  • Famous graduates: Marie Curie-Skłodowska (the only person to receive two Noble Prizes in two different fields: Physics and Chemistry), Karol Wojtyła, better known as John Paul II, and many other famous Poles, including Nobel Prize winners, social activists, revolutionaries, politicians, artists, and average people who wanted to make a change.

Back in the Communist era, I too was educated thanks to the Flying University model. There will be no courses in this blog, but there will be posts that will help you to understand how the Flying University model works.


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